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First Post August 20, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Spiritual Overview.

This is my first post to the blog that bears my name.  My primary objective for creating this blog is to have a forum to discuss spiritual matters in the hope of furthering the cause of unity among the people who participate.  So if you are reading this blog and you feel compelled to comment, please do.  Our unity should rest on the truth.  So we need to explore just what the truth is.

This will hopefully be more interactive and collaborative than the essays posted on my website.  http://www.RattazziMedia.com  The essays can be a jumping off point for discussion also, so look them over and post comments here if you like. 

I am not sure how personal this should get, this is indeed an intensely personal pursuit to me, and I would be inclined to include my personal experiences.  But others involved might not be quite so interested in sharing, so we will have to see how personal this needs to get.  All for now. 


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