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Obviously True August 24, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Spiritual, Spiritual Overview, Spiritual Study, Spirituality, Theology.

So we’re taking about spirituality and we’re talking about truth.  What does God or the Bible have to do with that?  Well, some will tell you that the Bible is the word of God, others would say obviously not.  Why the difference in heartfelt conviction?  Is it just a matter of opinion and all opinions are valid or is this a question that can be answered true or false?  Of equal or perhaps even more importance is: how did these various individuals arrive at their heartfelt conviction?  Was it by careful examination of the available facts or by simply falling in line with the prevailing local attitude passed down through the generations? 

The vast majority of people hold to the heartfelt convictions passed on to them by their parents that were passed on to them by their parents and so forth.  Most have not examined the available facts and arrived at their own conclusion.  (Some would correct me at this point and say “facts have nothing to do with spirituality”.  We’ll cover that later.)  Like the game of telephone where you line up a group of people and pass a message down the line by whispering one to the next, whatever may have been true in the beginning may have down through the years become distorted beyond recognition and as a result no longer true.  This “across generations” phenomenon accounts for much of the variety in spiritual practices.  If an individual does not investigate the traditions passed on from the preceding generation then what one sees as “obviously true” may indeed not be true at all.  This goes for everyone, even for those from a strong, ostensibly “Bible based” background.  In fact the more your tradition appears to be “Bible based” the harder it is to recognize how your tradition has wandered away from the truth.   

So how do we get back to the source?  How can we have a clue what the truth is?  This is where the Bible comes in. Written over a period of about 1500 years a careful examination of the text clearly indicates that the Spirit of God is the architect and focus of the book.  The Bible is designed by God to provide the baseline point of reference, the truth that we can then compare to what we hold as “obviously true”.  This is not something you will get just by hearing me say it.  You have to take the time to read and study the Bible.  Also this study must include other people.  You’re not going to get it just by locking yourself in your room and reading, God has designed the process to work with a community.  You cannot do this alone.  What I am saying here is true, obviously true to me after my study and experiences.  Some reading this will want to strongly state that this is obviously not true.  Please do not hesitate to post your comments.  That is what this space is for, of course anyone who agrees is also welcome to add their input.



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