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Across Generations September 8, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Spiritual, Spiritual Overview, Spiritual Study, Spirituality, Theology.

An oasis teaming with life, in a variety of forms as numerous as the stars in the sky, Our planet graces the cosmos.  Science is challenged to understand why civilization has flourished in only one species.  Intelligence initially seemed the answer.  But we are not the only species with sufficient brain capacity.  Opposable thumbs posed a possible explanation.  But science through observation and experimentation has proven that other species are capable of using tools.  Most recently a scientist studying primates made this observation: We are the only species who purposely transmit information across generations.

In the book of Genesis when God creates man we see that man is unique in that he was created in God’s image.  Many have commented on just what is meant by that, perhaps there is a connection here.  Man, the only creature in God’s creation said to be created in his image is the only creature in God’s creation who purposely transmits information across generations.  The story of salvation that God chose to record in the pages of the Bible can only be understood as one sees it unfold across generations.

This is not only proof of the hand of God in the spiritual scenario presented in the Bible this also confers a duty and a responsibility on those who want to follow God’s lead.  The spiritual duty and responsibility we each have is to see that God’s message to mankind is passed on accurately from generation to generation.  This is a great spiritual challenge for each of us and one of the major themes of the Bible is that man is naturally predisposed not to do that.  Either by not paying attention to God’s instruction or by modifying that instruction to suit some self serving purpose man has again and again failed to live this message and serve as models and teachers to their children.

God is able to make sure that despite all this his message does not vanish from the face of the earth, but ask yourself: are you doing your part to pass it on?  Or to put it another way are those around us, friends and family alike being drawn into or pushed away from an intimate knowledge of God’s eternal plan?  Or to put it yet another way are we making ourselves a link in the chain of salvation that stretches back before time and continues on into eternity?  Pop open your Bible and see if this is what God has in mind or just another one of my lunatic ramblings.  Read Deuteronomy chapter six and tell me what you think.  Let us, each of us, take our rightful place in this glorious story that unfolds it’s sacred design across generations.    


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