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Eternal Life September 10, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Spiritual, Spiritual Overview, Spiritual Study, Spirituality, Theology.

In my last post I discussed an element that separates man from the other life forms that inhabit this planet, the idea that we are the only species who purposely transmit information across generations.  The sudden appearance of this tendency exclusively in our species I connected with the concept of being created in God’s image.  Another important difference is that the life that is in each of us will continue after our physical bodies have died even into eternity.  After this world has ceased to exist we will continue.  This is a vitally important spiritual principle.  Remember our working definition of spirituality: an order of thinking concerning eternal things.  This is also one of the ways we are created in God’s image.

Now the best reason for us to be interested in what God expects from each of us is that we love him because we understand that he is the source of all good things.  But if that doesn’t work for you how about being concerned with how you and those you love will spend an eternity after your physical body has passed away.  We learn from the Bible that we can spend this eternity with God or without God.  Now if God is the source of all good things, how good do you think an eternity without God would be?  The way we spend our lives here in this life will decide where we will spend eternity.  This is extremely important.  We need to be extremely concerned with this.  Most people live their lives in a state of foolish disregard of this.  Like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic most people are distracted by what seem to be pressing but are ultimately unimportant concerns.

I don’t want to be putting a negative spin on this.  God has made wonderful promises to those who follow his instructions.  This is good news, God has guaranteed an extremely pleasant eternity to those who follow him.  But you must follow him, this does not happen by accident, you must make a specific and determined effort to put aside the way you think things are and understand what God’s point of view is.  For the reasons discussed in previous posts it is abundantly clear that God chose to lay out his point of view and instructions for us in the Bible.  This then makes it extremely important that each of us make sure we clearly understand what is contained in the Bible.  Each day, each of us should spend at the very least a little time with the word of God.  Another important element also previously discussed is that it is necessary to share this effort with others.  This is also a choice God made and therefore an instruction to us.  So the wise man is extremely concerned about eternal life and with the help of others makes it a priority to investigate what needs to be done.



1. thywordistruth - November 9, 2006

I totally enjoy your blog and would like to post a bookmark to it over at mine: http://thywordistruth.wordpress.com/

It deals with topical (and personal) issues of the day from a Christian perspective.

I’d love to know what you think about it.

Blessings to you,


2. rattazzimedia - November 9, 2006

Thanks for the supprt Jim and feel free to link to my blog, I took a quick peek at your blog and I will dive into it in more detail later this evening.

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