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Who Is God To You? September 30, 2006

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The other day I was talking with Sterling Edwards, he was talking about the all surpassing glory of God.  Now it is human nature to exaggerate things and use hyperbole when speaking, but Sterling was not exaggerating here.  We all need to recognize God as the supreme being whose ways are as high above our ways as the heavens are above the earth.  Does this contradict my efforts (that I discussed in my last post) to bring concepts of God more down to earth?  Not at all, in fact as I pondered his words I realized the danger in my efforts.  While everyone must recognize that God has worked out for us a plan of salvation that is not difficult to understand, this in no way makes it less awesome.  In fact perhaps it makes it immeasurably more awesome that God has the ability to take the promise of eternal life and place it within our grasp.

The danger in taking these sweeping spiritual concepts and comparing them to common temporal things would be to rob these concepts of their glory.  I am so glad that Jesus Christ used this method or else I would need to consider the wisdom of this teaching tool.  But there is indeed a danger, it is the same danger posed in Christ coming in the flesh.  Just because God chose to appear in the form of a man, one who made himself a servant no less, one should not let that obscure the glory of God that is out of this world.  This is the challenge God places before us in his plan of salvation through the work of Jesus Christ.  He came as a servant but through his obedience was given a name that is above any other name on heaven and earth.  Everyone must recognize this in order to obtain eternal life. 

So the pedestrian metaphors have their place and purpose.  It is vitally important that these spiritual concepts are made real to us and our minds must clearly understand them.  We must not loose sight of what we are dealing with here though.  It is the grace of God.  Grace is unmerited favor, in other words the gift from God is of such immeasurable value that no matter what work we do we could not possibly earn it.  The challenge is not to work hard enough and you will earn eternal life.  The challenge is to understand the simplicity of God’s plan and acknowledge how great it makes God that he could (or would) put this exceedingly wonderful gift within our grasp. 

The world we live in obscures our vision of God.  Often we have a vision of God that is so small (also pointed out by Sterling).  In our prayers we often treat God like a lucky rabbits foot we pull out and give a rub whenever we want something.  This is human nature and we each must ask ourselves the question: Who is God To You?  The challenge for each of us is to understand the greatness of God and at the same time realize how we can come into his presence.  We can then have the close intimate relationship God desires with each of us.  So I ask again: Who is God to you?


1. bonnieq - September 30, 2006

God is my strength, my physician, my counselor, my protector, my provider, my everything; and, His Son Christ is my husband, the best in the universe. I could not survive a minute, muchless a day, in this wicked world without God and Christ and the Holy Spirit in my life. They keep me grounded, my eyes clear, my hearing sharp, and my heart soft, giving me the ability to truly love even the unlovable and to give good for evil when another gives evil.

I don’t start my day without God and I don’t end it without Him. And, I speak with Him throughout the day. We live in perilous times and He makes it so much easier to bear, especially to we who boldly speak His Truths and are persecuted for doing so. It’s a fierce battle and, like any warrior, we become tired: God always has R&R in the plans, a welcome break from the fray, then sends us back to the battle field.

God is good, God is faithful, and He has never let me down. How can I, in good conscience, let Him down? I cannot not, I must not; for the time is at hand and Christ is about to come through the door.

Oh, how I wish all knew God and Christ as I know them.

Good question, dear friend in Christ. I pray that it causes many to really think about who God is to them.

Love in Christ,
Truth Seekers and Speakers, link on blog page
Unicorn Haven, link on blog page

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