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Spirituality And Flexibility October 11, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Spiritual, Spiritual Overview, Spiritual Study, Spirituality, Theology.

Remember our definition of spirituality from a few posts back: an order of thinking concerning eternal things.   Living in and being intimately familiar with this physical temporary world, what do we know about eternal things?  God has, since the beginning of time, been communicating with mankind about eternal life.  The Bible frames and chronicles this information from God.  His point of view is often at odds with the current prevailing world attitude.  The conclusions you might draw from you own experiences, from your own culture are very likely to be in conflict with God’s point of view.  This is actually a big theme of the Bible, mankind has a natural tendency to wander away from God.

This is why it is so important, no matter who you are, to remain flexible.  You need to always be open to the message from God saying “you need to make some changes here”.  No matter if you are completely ignorant and disinterested in religion or someone who has been studying religion all your life.  This challenge comes to everyone.  It is actually so much harder to be flexible if you were raised in a strong religious tradition.  It gets harder the older you get, but remember Abraham was in his seventies when God presented him with a life changing proposition, he believed God and began to follow his lead and we all benefited from that.  We see in the book of Acts the apostle Paul had to let go of his deeply felt, but more driven by his culture, religious convictions.  Perhaps though he was a little less flexible than God would have liked it, he had to be knocked down and blinded by God to get his point across.  After that though he became much more flexible and compliant to God’s leading.  We all benefited from that also. 

So how do we apply this to us today?  We all need to be flexible and open to God’s correction.  This especially goes for those of us who consider ourselves religious.  So if someone says: “Hey, I’m opening up my Bible here and I don’t see the support for what you’re saying, because what you are saying comes from your culture not scripture.”  The correct response to that is: “Let’s have a look, let’s see if we can agree together about what this is.”  Because the Bible teaches us to, “make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit“.  How well do you have to know the Scripture?  Well enough to separate it from your culture.  Well enough to know what issues are important to God.

Here in New York and in these days there is a lot of activity, a lot of interesting spirituality.  If someone wants to talk to you of things spiritual, of things eternal, ask this question first.  Is this from God or from man?  If it’s from man, if it’s from the temporal, world of the flesh experience, and not form God what can it say about eternal things?  You have to be talking about information that comes from God if you’re gong to be talking about things eternal, if you’re talking about spirituality.  This a hard truth.  How many more times is my heart going to be able to stand the disappointment of finding a group of people who claim to be following God but are unable to part with the errors of their own traditions and culture? 

What are you going to say when someone comes up to you and says: “You are part of a culture that has wandered away from God”?  Are you going to be flexible and try to agree on what the truth is?  Or are you going to stubbornly go your own way and ignore the critical message from God that you need to change?  The religious among us need to be so much more careful not to lead others off into the error that comes from not being flexible when faced with spiritual truth.


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