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Negative Spin October 26, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Spiritual, Spiritual Overview, Spiritual Study, Spirituality, Theology.

Sometimes as I am discussing spiritual matters with people, some people take offense at some point that I am making.  Of course in the normal course of human affairs in any realm of interaction there often is friction.  And sometimes I might be offensive because of some error I have made or some aspect of my personality that is not so appealing.  But what I want to discuss here is the times when I am carefully and dispassionately attempting to explore some important spiritual principle and some listeners take offense.  The response I often get at these times is: “If your message is negative it can’t be from God” or “antagonizing people does not bring them closer to God, it just doesn’t work”.  I just posted an essay to my website also with the title “Negative Spin” and the point of the essay is that Jesus sometimes offended his audience also.  Take a look at the essay.  The objective for Jesus is to instruct and correct, but of course sometimes correction causes a negative response.  This indicates the listener is not in agreement with what is being said.  The offense is removed when the error is corrected and everyone is in harmony. 

Of course when I am the speaker the error could be with me, but when Jesus is the speaker and his words cause offense it is the listener who needs the correction.  This impacts on our efforts to achieve unity.  It is not necessarily a bad thing when a comment exposes the fact that we are not all on the same page even if that revelation causes pain.  The real test is what happens in the aftermath.  Does the offense cause one to pull away and cause a deepening of the divide or does the offense cause all to make every effort to work things out?  Is the response to set our minds on coming together and agreeing on the truth or to divide us further? 

The response to this kind of “offense” exposes the condition of ones heart.  All of us should be dedicated to working through these “offenses” and arriving together at the truth.  This is a painful process for everyone because we are all in various far flung spaces on the spiritual landscape, all of us far from being one with each other and God.  I would personally rather not be the one to remind people of this condition.  I want everyone to like me.  But there are more important things to consider than my personal popularity.  So I continue to make every effort to remind people even if my efforts cause friends and family to characterize my life with a negative spin. 


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