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More Important Than Life November 4, 2006

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There have been a few times in the past when my immediate circumstances caused me to be concerned about the possible loss of my physical life.  This concern caused me to swiftly and decisively address the situation.  I did not pause to consider the alternative.  The loss of my physical life was not an option.  I did not have to think at all to realize that I felt very strongly about this.  In other words: very important to me not to loose my physical life.  What could be more important than that?  As it turns out there are various reasons from time to time people will set out on some course of action that might put their life in jeopardy.  One easy example is someone going off to war.  The cause is worth the possible risk.  Some examples are less easy to justify, someone might take up smoking cigarettes despite the danger.  Despite these sort of exceptions most would agree that keeping ones life is important.  But to make life even more interesting, some people (me included) believe in the promise of eternal life and consider that so much more important than this life, hands down.

This life, this physical life is just a brief moment compared to eternity.  So as you are making various decisions and some decision that might put your eternal life at risk is under consideration this should not just tip the scale but pin the scale down in favor of eternity.  How many people though, stop to consider how their decisions affect their eternal situation?  I point this out to say that if there is even the remotest chance that folks like me are in any way correct, then this is an incredibly huge oversight for the people who live their life without considering eternity.  Incredibly huge oversight is an incredibly huge understatement.  Jesus Christ posed the question like this: “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world yet forfeits his soul?  Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”  Christ is making this very point.  What in this life can compare with what God has promised?

Some that are not of this particular mind are so because they are unaware that any “promise” has been made by God.  Once again though, as soon as it comes to your attention that some sort of promise has been made and the stakes are so extremely high, it is only reasonable to make every effort to investigate this matter to determine if there is any need for concern.  Why would you not?  Indeed many people pay no attention and this makes no sense to me.  This question of your eternal soul is more important than life.  What could possibly be more important than that?  I am not saying that you need to stop everything that you are doing and figure this out (not a bad idea though).  But it is more than reasonable to decide to set aside just a little time each day to investigate this issue.  Study, discuss and make an effort to understand what the truth is.  Just a little each day to get you started.  This is such a small thing to do considering something that is more important than life.  


1. thelamp - November 4, 2006

I agree. It boils down to a fear–respect/obedience–of God and truly understanding what Jesus did on the cross. The Bible mentions that when we continue to commit sin it’s as if we’re stepping all over the cross and what it stood for.


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