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Good And Evil November 12, 2006

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The whole idea of good and evil we see in society today is very much different from the view of these concepts we see in God’s word.  So count these as two more words whose meaning has changed as humanity strays from God’s instruction.  What one person considers good another considers evil and of course there is no agreement about how to resolve these differences.  So in this world we live in the concept of good and evil begins to loose all meaning.  Some might tend to view everything as good and some might tend to view everything as evil.  Either way there is no agreement on good and evil and this is not good (although some might argue with me about that).

How can we define these terms in the context of the Bible?  Like we did in the last post, let’s go back to the beginning.  The Bible tells us in Genesis that when God created everything it was “very good”.  So when did things start to go bad?  Things changed when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s instruction.  Now we begin to see these ideas develop.  What God does is good, Adam and Eve follow God’s instruction, still God.  When they begin to disobey God’s instruction or begin to think and act in a way not in agreement with God, this is a step away from goodness, a step toward evil.  Good is what is in agreement with God.  Evil is what is not in agreement with God.  The whole rest of the Bible is built on this understanding.

Notice that this view of good and evil is God centered.  Various people may have various and conflicting opinions concerning what is good and what is evil, but the true definition of good and evil is all about God’s way of thinking.  In fact not to see that, by our definition here is, in and of itself, evil.  We have no chance of avoiding evil if we do not make it our business to clearly understand God’s instruction.  We all have to work at this, it’s not going to happen by itself or by accident.  The general condition of the world we live in is by our definition evil.  The world is not in agreement with God and is strongly influencing people away from good and toward evil.  This is because most of the people in this world pay little or no attention to God’s way of thinking.

God has provided a solution to this problem but it requires decisive action from each of us.  We are all required to investigate and fully understand God’s instruction for us.  Then we are required to be examples and teachers, modeling God’s way of thinking about good and evil.  Then we will each of us leave the path of evil and begin to head toward good, toward God.  Also we will help others find their way out of the darkness and captivity of evil and into the light and freedom of good.    


1. Buzz - December 4, 2006

” There is no odor so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted” – Walden- Henry David Thoreau

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