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Spirituality And Dialog November 14, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Spiritual, Spiritual Overview, Spiritual Study, Spirituality, Theology.

In a few previous posts I discussed the concept “God is one” mentioned for example in Deuteronomy chapter six.  I also discussed how Jesus Christ demonstrated what is meant by this.  Jesus always spoke and acted in perfect agreement with God the Father and prayed that we could all be one with him in the same way.  This brings us to today’s topic “spirituality and dialog”.  Wikipedia defines dialog as “a reciprocal conversation between two or more persons”.  Dialog is an extremely useful instrument we can use to work toward the unity God wants for us together.  In other words: Let’s get together and talk.

What prevents us from being able to speak to each other?  What prevents us from having a truthful dialog?  One reason might be that word “truth”.  Some of us live our lives hiding from the truth and are therefore reluctant to dialog and bring the truth to light.  Why hide from the truth?  Because if we reveal the truth together then we need to respond to the truth together.  Some are reluctant to enter into a relationship with others while hiding from the truth for fear of the consequences.  In other words, some won’t dialog because they are afraid.  Fear often keeps us from achieving the unity God desires for us.  But perfect love drives out fear.  Some would object to being labeled afraid, they merely have decided to ignore the truth in some way and are not interested in dialog because they are not interested in having their mind changed.  We need to speak the truth to each other in love so that we can be together, not separated from each other and God. 

My efforts connected with the Gospel have sometimes brought me to a place with some individuals where they are reluctant to continue the conversation.  There are also some who have firmly decided to have nothing more to do with me.  Some are family members, some are friends, some members of the church of Christ.  All this of course is very painful.  No one wants to be ignored and labeled undesirable by people we love.  My door is always open and I am constantly trying to find new ways to break through the barriers that have been erected in opposition to the truth. (that is not to say that I haven’t made many mistakes in my efforts).  We should all be trying together to work out our differences and then continue to dialog so that we can continue to walk together.  There is no substitute for this. 

This is an invitation to all those who have disagreements with me.  Let’s get together, let’s dialog and become one in the truth.  We are never going to have the peace and the unity God wants for us if we don’t even talk to each other.  Let’s all get together with the objective of achieving peace with each other in the sight of God.  Then we can begin to understand the vital link between spirituality and dialog. 


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