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Just A Little Off? November 22, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Spiritual, Spiritual Overview, Spiritual Study, Spirituality, Theology.

In my last post I posed the question: Who created evil?  My position that man created evil, not God was met with some thoughtful and well reasoned responses in disagreement with the statement.  I very much enjoyed the input and would encourage anyone reading my blog to join in the discussion now and in the future.  This can be an avenue to achieve unity by working through any differences we might have in approaching the scriptures.  My intention is to carefully study the passages brought to my attention and the thinking behind their application and see if my thinking is off in any way.  I thank everyone for their thoughtful responses. 

The topic I was planning on discussing today before I even posted the last blog is the difficulty in addressing teaching of the scriptures that is just a little off.  The recent discussion dovetails nicely into this topic.  While it might be very easy to see that someone who pays no attention to God needs to re-examine his priorities, it is much more difficult to convince someone who pays some attention to spiritual issues that perhaps his/her thinking is just a little off.  In fact, the stronger the belief the more difficult it is to get someone to consider any correction to their thinking.  This is human nature but God has instructed us to be one in our beliefs so we must each be ready to consider whether our thinking needs a little adjustment.

Each generation has the responsibility of examining the beliefs passed on from previous generations.  Each generation must compare the teaching they have received with the word of God to be certain that we are not passing on and possibly amplifying the errors of our fathers.  The Gospel message is not only for unbelievers to repent but also for believers to repent of any error or false teaching that may have crept into their understanding with the passage of time.  This is so important, no one benefits from blindly holding on to teaching that has strayed from the truth. 

I want to encourage people to re-examine and discuss openly any teaching ostensibly based on scripture that might be a little off.  The religious individual who resists entertaining this discussion is the same as the unbeliever who refuses to repent.  Jesus Christ reserved his sharpest criticism for religious folk whose teaching had wandered away from the truth found in the scriptures and had become merely a blind adherence to human tradition.  This is the state of much of the religious world today.  This is a natural process that requires constant attention and correction.  Special attention needs to be paid to those of us whose teaching might be just a little off.



1. bonnieq - November 22, 2006

Over 30 years ago, as a Sunday school teacher I began to noticed discrepancies between the quarterlies from which we taught and what I was reading in the Bible. It wasn’t long after this that the Holy Spirit directed me that I “have much to do.” Ultimately, I pulled out of the Baptist church, visited many denominations, only to discover that the Truth wasn’t going to come out of any of them.

It was then I did as Jesus said, “If ye seek the truth, come to me. . . for ye who are anointed have no need to be taught by any man.” So, I posed my first question to the Holy Spirit and, 30+ years ago, the study and research began. Other than seeking only God’s Truth, I had no idea where all of it would lead: 6 years ago it led to the Spirit instructing me to pen an exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of all critical-to-salvation subjects, then the spiritual interpretation of The Revelation.

I recall a time during the research and study period, a time when I could be shaken by something someone else said against what the Spirit was teaching me: the biggest argument being over God’s seventh day Sabbath. It was then I had asked the Lord, “When will I become unshakable?” We become unshakable when we become wholly convicted of God’s Truth. That day finally came for me, but it was a long, bumpy road getting there. 🙂

One cannot be shaken when they’ve been convinced by the Holy Spirit; however, one who is blind and deaf by God’s design cannot be shaken either, rather he or she will be most argumentative and seek constantly to justify their errors.

You make some really great points here!

Much love in Christ,

2. rattazzimedia - November 22, 2006

Thank you for your thoughtful comments

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