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Every Mind Is A Universe December 10, 2006

Posted by rattazzimedia in Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Spiritual, Spiritual Overview, Spiritual Study, Spirituality, Theology.

In every mind is a world of thought.  Each mind defines its own reality by creating an order and set of priorities.  Just as God set the order of the universe, you set the order in your universe.  The world for an infant does not exist much beyond his or her own feelings.  For example an infant feeling discomfort will cry and not consider that it is four in the morning and everyone is sleeping.  In the beginning the infant is the supreme being in his or her own universe.  As the infants own universe grows and expands it can take in other important considerations.  Who is the supreme being in your universe?  In your mind what is most important?  The order you set in your universe can make you the supreme being or you can choose some other “god” or you can choose the LORD God.

Going back to our infant child analogy, the newborn infant has no understanding of the physical world he or she was recently born into.  Quickly though, the infants mind grows and expands to master basic functions of the physical world like walking and talking.  In like manner the adult mind needs to grow beyond an understanding of the flesh and begin to master basic functions of the spirit.  If your mind never grows beyond the world of the flesh you will not even understand that there is a conflict between the flesh and the spirit and as a result you will remain in opposition to God.  So if you become aware of some instruction from God that helps to reveal his mind and the order of his universe and you do not follow that instruction, who is God in your universe?  If you decide not to follow Gods instruction are you then the supreme being in your universe?  For example Jesus said in the sermon on the mount:

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

If you are not indeed seeking his kingdom first you are not following his instruction.  You are either placing yourself or something else ahead of God.  He is then not the Supreme Being in your universe.  The way most people today order their universe is to first take care of various pressing physical concerns and then if time permits pay some attention to God.  For many people that time never comes.  There are many immediate concerns that must be dealt with, we all have responsibilities, plans and ambitions.  But Christ reasoning with a wisdom greater than the wisdom we get from this world says no to this order.  Christ says first seek his kingdom and everything else will follow.  The wisdom of this age is absolutely opposed to his order of priorities.  Seeking his kingdom and his righteousness first is the same thing as acknowledging God as the Supreme Being in your universe.  It’s the same thing as saying, “Jesus is Lord”.  It’s the same thing as acknowledging God as the LORD.  There is a God.  God is not you.  Every mind is a universe.  Who is the supreme being in your universe?


1. Lucius Sagmeister - December 10, 2006

“Who is the supreme being in your universe”
How if your God is ageing- how if this God has to learn to be!
Then must God be brought into his own creation. How if these present calamities, which this world has to experience derives out of the fact that this god is newly “born”. A childish god playing with his toys not understanding this to be fact.
As to my understanding is what you had been stating in your blog exactly what is to tell of God. Why should God be in a child and why not in a youngster. Why not in an adult and why not in a mature person- there to learn that He God is made in your and his image.
Let me explain- your reality is His reality and you are his children and this accounts for the fact that humanity has for the last and final chance to see God act as a human.
To ask is to see- why not ask, to see his Elohims.
Of four are the female character- and two men being the male character.
Why do I tell when everyone could read this in the scripture. Even the names of these women were foretold in the Old Testament.
The name of those two men were kept a secret but although they are encrypted in the bible code have none found it out- Why?
Why should the male character be concealed- as they too had to learn to be mature, this is surely why.
Why should God be here?
Why not- look around the signs are all here. The final sequence is to be put into motion. I am sure this to be a fact!
As Messiah is already here- of this am I sure. Surely is he only awaiting an answer.
This is why we should ask ourselves why he has not come being concealed as he surely had been.
You asked for an answer- I wanted to give an answer.
Surely is there anyone with the right answer to give Messiah.
This is why someone have to start to give an answer.
Sorry to have bothered you- you asked so gracefully and this is why I wrote these lines.
In my understanding are all humans God’s own universe. Out of your souls will God form universe and beyond. This is why His kingdom is in you- the wisdom of this age does only know what lies under their feet. This they call physics- this they call wisdom.
As for me do they know nothing of wisdom but as humans per design were made to act as such- Who is to blaim.
this whole world likens someone looking into his mirror- believing this picture in the mirror to be his reality.
Could it be as such easy that Christ only wants to know if you are real?
And here lies the question.
I am obsessed with this question- I do not want to offend you.
Someone has to give the answer or he will surely not come.
This is my understanding.

greetings Plato

2. rattazzimedia - December 10, 2006

I’m not sure how to respond to your comment Lucius, I appreciate the effort you took to post your thoughts. Perhaps some of our other readers can respond to your comments. Thanks for the input.

3. dragonmommie - December 11, 2006

Sometimes I feel as if I am a child playing in God’s universe. I go about my business thinking that I am the master/mistress… then there will always come a time when God knocks me down a peg or two and I realize that I know nothing at all. I get up, brush myself off and hopefully learn something from the experience. My son, a child of less than two years has taught me much.

I am reminded of a passage in the bible, New Testament, I think. Unfortuneately, I cannot resurrect it in my mind. I wonder if you can help me with it. Something about seeking not to comprehend spiritual things beyond our individual understanding. I have tried to search for it on the online bibles, but I am not getting anything.

4. rattazzimedia - December 11, 2006

It might help you to think in terms of lines of reasoning rather than looking for individual verses. Widen your search to the theme that the though you are thinking of is a part of, you might find that the quote on your mind is someone’s paraphrase of scripture. I’ll put some thought into your query and see if I can be of any help.

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